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So you are looking for unblocked version of Return Man 3 game right? Well you are lucky since this blog has it; you can play it online for free from wherever you want, from school, from your work office and from any location. We also used to struggle in finding working version of the game while we were at school so our team started to work on this issue and from now on @ ReturnMan3Unblocked.Info you can enjoy Return Man 3 Unblocked whenever and wherever you want, it is cool right?

return man 3Now let’s talk about game itself
This flash game is for those who enjoy sports games and to be more specific American Football – number one sport in the USA. Game was developed by ESPN Arcade and it represents best aspects of online sport game, it has everything you wished for: awesome graphics, realistic sounds/voices, simple controls, upgrades and of course all special moves which can be seen in American Football.
You can also notice that across the football field sometimes appear different icons which you can pick up, these icons are actually power-ups which can give you extra speed, extra strength, extra time, etc. Use them wisely because these power-ups can be crucial sometimes.

Game is extremely popular and hundreds of thousands people play it daily, Return Man 3 is so successful that developers made other versions as well, it has many different modes and sequels and people give high ratings to all of them.

All key controls of the game can be seen on the screenshot below. You can either use I, J, K and L buttons or you can use arrow buttons, depends on your comfort.

key controls

Objective/How to play
So at the beginning of the game run towards yellow circle as fast as it is possible and catch ball, once you have got the ball run across the football field and score touchdown.
Now it is little bit more complicated and of course there is enemy team which will try to stop you. Do your best to avoid those enemy defenders and also use help of your team (blockers), they will help you to get through and reach end zone. If you will drop the ball go back and grab it again, don’t let enemy to recover it.
Your team blockers can be upgraded; there are three blockers in total, check screen below to see them.


Special moves
Like I have said before in this game you can use all special moves which can be found in American Football, these special moves include: Juke, Stiff Arm, Afterburner, Front Flip, Ankle Breaker, Hurdle and Spin. In order to use them you will have to first unlock them.

special moves

There are 15+ stages in the game, in order to unlock all of them you will have to finish previous stages first. Return Man 3 Unblocked is progressing type of the game, the more you play the more new features can be unlocked. Finish stages, earn scores and unlock new blockers, new special moves in order to succeed in higher levels of the game. Be aware that game gets tougher in higher stages!

This is one of the best online games out there, it has action, it has thrill and it is pretty complicated, those of you who enjoy American Football will find it addicting and entertaining as well.